Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Sketching in Minnesota

I took a weekend trip to Minnesota to check out the state and see the sites.  I happened to take off on a weekend that was broiling in Southern California so I'm glad I had a chance to experience REAL fall weather and colder temperatures.  I'm curious how cold it gets with snow on the ground, that's an adventure I'll have to take one of these days.

Since no trip for me is complete without a set of sketches as a souvenir, I flew back east with two sketchbooks and a variety of pens. My first sketching stop was the Minneapolis Institute of Arts.  Its free to visit and loaded with a plethera of beautiful pieces. (I also had fun walking through the Minneapolis College of Art and Design next door.  I'm jealous of all the students that have nearby access to such a marvelous museum.)

I drew several pages at MIA but opted to post just this group of drawings. The others came out looking a little wonky because my arm got tired holding my sketchbook at an odd angle.  The sketches below were drawn with a brush pen I picked up at Daiso.  I don't know the name brand, the tip though has a nice firmness that allows for easy application of thick and thin strokes.

Being the hockey nerd that I am I HAD to stop by the Schwan Superink in Blaine, MN while I was in town.  This was the home base for the US women's ice hockey team as they geared up for the Vancouver Olympics.  Alas I didn't witness any Olympians swirling around on the ice in my brief visit but I did sketch a group of squirts practicing on one sheet and then ran over and watched the end of a high school game on another.  The sketches below were drawn with an 08 Micron.

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