Sunday, September 07, 2014

Dinosaur Character Designs

Here's a nifty way to quickly come up with cool silhouettes for your characters: Use a big brush and watered-down ink to jot down interesting shapes.  Don't worry about detail, instead focus on the "big picture stuff" like gesture and personality.

When the ink washes dry (about 5-10 minutes) you can go back with a pen to draw in eyes, mouths, legs, tails, etc.  Make sure to use permanent ink so the wash doesn't lift or gum up your pens as you are drawing on top.  For the above, I used Speedball Superblack and a 03 Micron on 90lb cold-press watercolor paper.  I spent 5 minutes painting the silhouettes and another 30 or so drawing the linework on top.

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