Tuesday, July 16, 2013

More Character Designs

I'm still refining character designs for my cat comic.  I ended up scrapping 60% of the story recently due to an issue with the mythology that underlies the plot.  It was painful to do so but like all edits these changes are for the good and therefore necessary.

Above are the main characters for the revised comic, three kids and four cats.  Things are still sort of wishy-washy with coloring and wardrobes, but this is the set group I'll be working with.

Here's Hazel looking all dope as a skater.  I'm not one myself due to an appalling lack of coordination so I'll be taking a trip in the near future to sketch kids at the skate park in Orange.  I'm the sort of person that has to study actions and understand them to be able to draw them right, I don't like to rely on just copying reference photos.  I could stay home and watch YouTube videos and accomplish what I need to do but sometimes its just nice to draw from life.

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