Tuesday, February 05, 2008

It's done! Bwahaha!

A little belated this post is (wow I typed in Yoda-speak!)....
Yep, everything was finished and emailed off last Wednesday. I am extremely happy with the way this turned out. It's funny but this was created in such a round-about and haphazard way. First, I had problems because my art was way to loose too ink off of. Then I went and totally finished page four, but then I had to completely revise pages 1-3 because the story wasn't working with the ending. I wrote the dialogue after I finished the art and I had to edit a lot of it because there wasn't enough room for the word bubbles....and to add to my misery I wrote out a nice-and-clean alphabet, scanned it in, and then copy/pasted the letters to form all the words.

Next time around, I will NOT be inking digitally. Command Z is an evil tempter and I noodled these pages to death. If it wasn't for the deadline I'd still be fiddling with them. I'm just gonna stick with good ol' fashioned pen and ink with a tiny, tiny, tiny dash of Photoshop to clean things up and Illustrator for the type.

Anyway, I'll post the pages in all their glory on my DA site once I hear if my submission was accepted or not. Regardless, I'm super-duper thrilled with my first comic book project and I'm brainstorming my next batch of sequential art. :)

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