Sunday, January 20, 2008

Work in Progress-Part 2

Lots of revisions since the last post. Um....let's say I've learned many lessons working on this project. For example, I planned on inking everything digitally and thought I could get away with loose pencils to work off of. That works for simple things like backgrounds and props, but not for characters. I had to constantly go back and forth between the drawing table and computer to figure out expressions and poses.

Yeah, you can see the difference in finish between the first and second pics I posted. In the first pic the art was loose, way out of proportion, the word bubbles weren't accounted for, etc, etc. Yep, that first pass was a fine mess. :P In the second pic, I went ALL the way back to the drawing board and thumbnailed out the pages again. I then scanned up the thumbnails, laid them out to scale in Photoshop, printed those pages, and drew on top on them with tracing paper for the final pencils. That's finished and now I am back on the computer working on the inks.

So that's it for this update. I hope to have this done by week's end.....(crosses fingers)!

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