Sunday, April 17, 2016

Canson Life Drawing Sketchbook p.78-81

The folks on the left were drawn at Wondercon.  I had a blast sitting in the food court people-watching and sketching the costumes!  The right page was drawn at the LA Natural History Museum.  I drew stuffed birds, some skeletons, and a kid's dinosaur presentation.

L: Zebra Pen-fine point
R: Zebra Pen-fine point, brush pen

The left page was drawn at the Natural History Museum while I was waiting for my students to arrive.  On the right are sketches from The Force Awakens.  I thought it was an okay movie-I wish it didn't borrow so much plot-wise from Episode 4.

L & R: Zebra Pen-fine point

Hey guess what!?!  I'm halfway done with this sketchbook!

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