Monday, March 07, 2016

Bird Doodles

From my sketchbook...
Pen: 02 Micron

Sidenote: I've kept a Moleskine sketchbook for the past decade.  I liked the paper, the way it took ink, the little pocket in the back, and the durability of the book itself.  The last Moleskine I kept was of a totally different quality than the books I used previously.  The signatures were starting to separate from the binding after a few months use and the majority of the pages had specks interwoven into the fibers.  I discussed this matter with my artist friends and the associates at my local art store and everyone reported back that this was a common complaint with current Moleskine products.

My sketchbook is an important part of how I practice my craft and I need a quality product.  It pains me to say so but I quit using my Moleskine sketchbook for fear it would fall apart and switched over to the Canson 180.  That is the sketchbook I've been using for my life drawing work and I've been really impressed with it, especially with the quality of the paper.  I'm really happy with this product and I would fully recommend it!

FYI, I didn't contact Moleskine because I did not have the receipt and I had no desire to replace my current sketchbook with the same type.

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