Monday, June 15, 2015

Canson Life Drawing Sketchbook P.1

I keep several sketchbooks at the same time because I am an anal Virgo artist.  I have a Moleskine for original art.  I have a school-grade Canson the same size for fanart and a larger Art Alternatives sketchbook for life drawing.  The binding on the AA book started to crack so I decided to pick up a new sketchbook but go smaller this time for ease of travel.  The 8"x11" AA sketchbook went back to Minnesota with me last year and did okay but it was a pain to carry around because it didn't fit in my purse.

On a whim (and using a 50% off coupon) I bought a Canson sketchbook at Aaron Brothers with special binding that makes it open fully flat and a magnetic closure.  I've been very happy with it so far.  The pages are thick enough that I can draw with ink on both sides without fear of bleed through.  It also fits nicely in my purse with the Moleskine so I can now draw whatever I want wherever I am when the mood hits me.

That said, I thought it would be fun to put the entire sketchbook online to share.  I'm going to create a new tag called "CLD sketchbook" (CLD is short for "Canson-Life Drawing") for this work and I'll also number the pages so it'll be easy to keep track of my progress from start-to-finish.

Up above is page number one!  I find the first page in a sketchbook to be the hardest to draw.  Its the one that will be looked at most often and in a way the success or non-success of the sketches can act as an omen for the rest of the book.  As I was nervously pondering what to draw my kitty poo jumped on the bed next to me and started to pose like the amazing art cat he is.  I instantly grabbed my pens to capture his feline magnificence and WHAMO! before I knew it page one was done! I used a Pentel Pocket Brush pen, Zebra sign pen, Tombo marker, and Pigma Pen 05.

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