Friday, March 27, 2015

Life Drawing Sketch Dump

These were drawn in Life Drawing for Animation-the class I am teaching at CSUF for the sixth time. :) The top five pics were drawn with a Zebra sign pen (my current go-to pen) and/or a gray Tombo marker.

30-sec gesture drawings

30-sec silhouettes

15 and 30-sec gesture drawings from a clothed model

Gesture drawings and a couple of longer poses

Gesture drawings from two models from two different class sessions

Ink wash sketch #1- I used a light tone to paint in the silhouette of the model.  I then waited a minute for that to dry before I went back on top and dry-brushed in the shadow areas.

Ink wash sketch #2- This was done in the same manner as the one on top.  The difference though is that I didn't wait for the original wash to dry before I dabbed ink to suggest shadow areas.  I really like the serendipity of this piece.

Ink wash sketch #3- Yeah...I know this is cropped oddly.  I bobbled the top but I liked the way the legs turned out at the bottom so I'm only posting that half of the image.  This was painted like #1 but I thought the image was too light versus the paper so I dry brushed in the negative space so the body would pop.

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