Thursday, October 02, 2014

Ballerina Bears

I follow @Daily__Doodles on Twitter, they post sketching prompts M-F.  The prompts from accounts like @Daily_Doodle and @Sketch_Dailies are wonderful excuses to make art without having to exert a ton of brainpower coming up with a subject matter.  Participation comes with a secondary benefit: you get to meet fellow artists from all over the world as you go through the tweets.  Its quite inspiring.

The above was drawn using a 6B pencil for the Daily__Doodle prompt "Ballerina Bear."  I had so much fun drawing the single bear that I had to follow up with a second ensemble piece.

FYI, I don't post all of art tweets here on the sketch blog.  Check out the media section of my twitter page to see what you might be missing!

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