Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Sochi Olympics

I've been sketching while watching the Olympics each night.  The late night airing of hockey games has been especially detrimental to my sleep schedule but I will persevere and root on Team USA!

Women's hockey (USA vs Finland) drawn with an 08 Micron.  The US won-yay!  I'm not even going to mention their lost to Canada because that still stings. 

Team Figure Skating drawn with a Pigma Brush Pen.  The tip of the pen was slightly frayed so I didn't get the variation in line width I normally get with this pen.  I drew from the short programs of Pairs, Ice Dancing, Women's singles, and Men's singles.

Going clockwise from top left, there is Women's Slopestyle, Men's Downhill, Curling-Germany vs. Canada, and the Team Event in Figure Skating-Free Skate.  This page was drawn with an 08 Micron.

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