Saturday, February 15, 2014

My MFA Show

This is a belated post!  The transition from 2013 to 2014 was a busy one for me.  Thankfully I've completed several projects that have been haunting me these past few months and now I have the time to get back to sketch blogging-yay!

The pictures below were taken at my MFA show this past December at Cal State Fullerton.  I finally completed the degree and am now a MASTER of Fine Arts in Illustration!  Huzzah!!!

"Have Fun" was the title of my show.  Those two words perfectly describe my artistic philosophy.  I want to have fun working on art and I want my audience to have fun looking at it.

 This was the view from just left of the entrance....

 ...and from the right.

The display case at the front held my handmade books and mixed media sculptures.

These are two pages from a comic I worked on for a YA horror anthology.

 Matted color prints.

 My life drawing sketchbooks displayed on a pedestal.

A block of prints from my sketchbook.  There were 200+ pages on display.

 A close-up of one block of pages.

Another close-up...
I used nails and small alligator clips to hang the pages.  Doing so helped to cut down time for installation, saved me money by forgoing framing costs, and made it easy for me to remove art when it sold.  I ended up selling 90% of the show so tear-down was an absolute snap.

Thanks to everyone who came out to see my show!

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