Sunday, September 01, 2013


From my sketchbook:
In this sketch Al is "catbearding" with his cat.  I bet your asking yourself-What is Catbearding?  Well its when you take a picture of you and your cat, but you angle the cat's head back and position it to cover your mouth so it appears you have a beard...but its your cat.  Make sense?

Actually it was one of those memes this year that at first gathered enough momentum to go viral but it then quickly died out.  I imagine it fizzled when people (including me!) realized cats don't want to be beards.  They prefer to majestically pose for pics, not be coerced into unflattering positions.

Other things cats don't want to be: Exercise equipment!  Al is a moron so he's never going to learn his lesson.  His cat adores him anyway...

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jAnetO kim said...

omg!!! this one has be straight LOLing.. you're really great at capturing these universal cat moments, barb.