Thursday, June 06, 2013

Revised Character Designs

I've been revamping character designs this week for a project I'm slowly writing.  The initial lineup was complete but I decided to revise things when I simplified the look of the animal characters (not pictured).  The human characters consequently had to be redrawn so everyone was on-model with each other.

I drew these characters in pencil and colored them in Photoshop.  I've been pouring over Quentin Blake's wonderfully sketchy artwork recently and I'd love to bring more of that energy into this project of mine.  I'm thinking of just working in pencil and tonal washes instead of ink so I can purposefully create little areas of messy serendipity.  Well... it sounds like I have some artsy experimenting to do as I'm working on the plot of the comic.

Costume sketches.

LMAFO shout-out!

Character dynamics! Is this a prelude to a fight--oh noes!!!

That's not just a clue...Its a BLUE'S CLUE!

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