Saturday, April 06, 2013

From My Sketchbook

The two top pics are two-minute sketches drawn from Pixelovely's Figure Drawing training tool.  The lines were drawn with a B-point PITT pen, the tone with a Tombo marker.

This a chair with a sleeping bag folded on it drawn with an 05 Micron.

This is a sleepy Gremlin drawn with an 05 Micron and a Pentel felt pen.

Rubens's Leda and the Swan drawn with a Pigma brush pen.  Did you know that Rubens copied this painting from a Michelangelo original?  That painting is lost but the copy survives.

I didn't feel like scanning in this spread from my sketchbook so I took a pic with my webcam.  Everything was drawn or written with an 03 Micron, Tombo marker, and a PITT pen.

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