Monday, December 31, 2012

Last Life Drawing Post of 2012

I'm one of those people that likes to get things squared away before the clock rolls over into a new year.  Yeah I'm a little superstitious but I want to spend my energies on January 1st working on new stuff and not catching up on the old.  That said... I went through my Life Drawing sketchbook and scanned in the sketches I neglected to post earlier in 2012.

This is Gremlin being Gremlin.  The fart loves to hover when I'm either working on art or on the computer so I take advantage of his emotional neediness by sketching him when he naps.  The larger sketches where drawn with Pigma Brush pen, the smaller ones in the lower right with an 08 Micron.

I drew these with an 08 Micron at LCAD back in October during Classic Movie Night.  Our feature presentation was 1934's "Tarzan and His Mate."

Here's more sketches of Gremlin.  I drew him during commercials while watching Sons of Anarchy.  I'm sort of proud that I got Jax's postures down, the dude loves to slouch.  Everything was drawn with an 05 Micron.

One of the benefits of the NHL lockout (if there are any) is the rebroadcast of vintage NHL games.  Earlier this month, I caught the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim (what a name-geesh-thank goodness they changed it) playing Phoenix in Game 7 of the '97 playoffs.  That was a fun game to watch.  Guy Hebert was in goal, Kariya and Selanne were playing together, the Ducks won... *sniff sniff* I miss my Ducks.  Hurry up and sort out your stupid problems NHL!

These sketches were drawn from "Natural History: The Ultimate Visual Guide to Everything on Earth."  The plant on the left is a Boxwood (drawn with a Pigma brush pen).  The one on the upper right is a Broad-Leaved Everlasting Pea (drawn with a Papermate Liquid Expresso pen).  Last but not least, the plant in the lower right hand corner is a Summer Purslane (drawn with a Pitt pen-B tip).

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