Tuesday, August 07, 2012

London Olympics

I've been watching the Olympics on TV regardless of the drama surrounding the time delays.  Might as well, where else can you find so many bodies in skin-tight outfits doing so many different types of activities...its a sketcher's dream.  The pics below were drawn during the first week of competition.

In the image above there is men's gymnastics, beach volleyball, women's weightlifting, and men's water polo.  These were drawn with a Paper Mate Liquid Expresso Medium Point felt-tipped pen.

This pic includes swimming*, women's singles table tennis, women's synchronized springboard diving, a few sketches from the team trials of women's gymnastics, and my cat being an annoying brat.  This was also drawn with the Paper Mate Liquid Expresso pen.

*I know I got the starting stance and the swimming block wrong.  I think the lead foot should be tucked under the shoulders a bit more and the back of the block angled up towards the pool.

Here we have women's handball, a trio of sketches from men's badminton doubles, and men's field hockey.  This pic and the two below were drawn with an 05 Micron.

These are from the women's +75kg weightlifting finals.

Last but not least this page includes men's boxing and the finals of men's Greco-Roman wrestling.  Again there is another sketch of the cat being a pain in the arse.

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Woody said...

These are super awesome. I'm so bad at gesture drawing it makes me hurt. Need more practice. Teach me your ways!