Thursday, August 23, 2012

Comic Book Thumbnails

These are comic book page thumbnails that were drawn in my sketchbook.  Each thumbnailed page is 1-1/2" x 2-1/4".  Depending on the size of your screen these may appear smaller than actual size, Blogger sometimes likes to scale things rather than display them at the size I saved the file at.

To maintain a consistent thumbnail size I cut a template out of Bristol board that I keep in the back pocket of my Moleskin.  I can fit 10 thumbnails on a single page, but I prefer to only use 8 or 9.  Doing so leaves me room to write notes about action or dialogue.

I like to work this small because its fast, I can easily note characters and word bubbles with a few strokes, and can spot blacks without wasting ink scrubbing in large patches of dark areas.  The only drawback to working this small is that I tend not to use wide shots.  Its hard to draw in scenery when a panel could be less than a half an inch square.  I remedy this by double-checking my thumbs and correct any lack of shot variety as I ink in the finished page.

The thumbnails above were drawn for a project in-progress with an 02 Micron.

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