Thursday, December 22, 2011

2011 Life Drawing

Here's the another batch of Life Drawing from my sketchbook.  I wanted to post the rest of these sketches before the year was up, I feel all funny posting images from one year in another. :P  Sources are listed under each of the images-enjoy!

From the "Atlas of Foreshortening."  I first drew in the negative space around the figure with a dark color and added in details and shading with a lighter one.

 Same info as the image above.

From "Body Parts."  These were one minute sketches.


Old Master sketches.


Two minute sketches from the "Atlas of Foreshortening."

 Again ditto...

From Pixelovely.

From "An Atlas of Anatomy for Artists."

Ignore the two yoga poses.  The rest of the page are sketches I drew while watching Hellboy II.

The shadowy drawing on the right is from the "Atlas of Human Anatomy for the Artist." The rest I drew while watching X-Men: First Class.

 Old Master sketch.

 From the "Samurai and Ninja Action Scene Collection."


I used Tombo markers, Pentel sign pens, Pentel felt tips, Faber-Castell Pitt pens-B tip, and Microns to draw the above.  I would recommend any of those except the sign pens.  Those bled through the pages in my sketchbook.  Of the rest, my favorite are the Tombos.  You can get a ton of character in your linework with the double felt tips.

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