Sunday, August 01, 2010


By request!..."Tower" from my old sketchbook.

This was something I drew just to get an idea bugging me out of my head. The initial notion came about when I doodled a sorcerer standing next to a broken tower. On a whim I looked up the Tower Tarot card and liked the description, so I checked out a dictionary of the occult from the library and leafed through it to get names for the rooms.

This has been sitting in my sketchbook since last year. I think there is something here but I'm waiting for the idea of it to bump against another random inkling in my cranium and then I'll know what this tower is and why it needs to be explored.


Jake said...

YES! You posted it. Thanks. And thanks for coming by the Flight booth. You wowed and inspired us all.

I thought this piece in particular was so creative, and just struck a chord with me. I also liked all your character design pages too. Great, great, stuff.

Barbara said...

THANKS!! It was really sweet meeting all of you guys too!