Saturday, April 21, 2007

Illus Friday - Polar Sketch

Drawn in pen.
This is my preliminary sketch for Illustration Friday - "Polar." I'm planning on creating the bear shape by collaging blue paper in the background then painting in the bear nose, eyes, and fish. Since the bear form is literally being formed by the negative shape around him, I'd thought you'd be able to see through his form and glimpse the fish in his stomach. I don't think the sketch reads that way, but I'll paint the fish toned-down to suggest they are inside the bear and not floating on top. I'm also going to paint in the type, just to get some practice handling lettering. This illustration should go pretty fast, so I'll post a link to the finished pic either Saturday or Sunday.

4/22 EDIT: Finished pic viewable here.
Yep, it's alittle different from my sketch. I didn't think the fish would read as I intended so I dropped them. But that's cool, I like the finished pic. :D


Steve said...

I really like this sketch a lot, i think the fish work well and if I had to pick between them, I'd have to say I like this the most

Joyce said...

I love it! The final came out awesome and looking at it from my screen, The blue looks perfect.
Don't change a thing!
I love the fish...but i don't mind that they didn't make it on the final Illustration.